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Switch Preview Tour

A truly immersive Nintendo Switch themed event.

Inventa turns on a huge experience with Switch!

The Challenge

When Nintendo of Canada was given the opportunity to host a US-exclusive, pre-launch Nintendo Switch Preview Tour to Canada, Inventa was all over it.

This meant securing a HUGE venue with very specific criteria, hiring a LARGE compliment of media-friendly staff, and putting together a pre, during, and post Experiential Marketing event plan that worked for multiple parties involved… all in a very, very short amount of time.

Faced with this challenge, Nintendo turned to Inventa to level up!

Canada gets a Switch sneak peak.

The Solution

Inventa streamlined this otherwise daunting task into manageable items based on the already established tools and networks we had in place:

  • Our large database of pre-qualified candidates who have previously worked on either Nintendo or Inventa programs
  • Our vast network of venue contacts and relationships,
  • And a complement of Experiential marketing tools that are used agency-wide.

By putting all of this to work with a cross-functioning team that had line-of-site to all moving parts, Inventa helped Nintendo host a three-day, invite only event that allowed dozens of influencers try the highly-anticipated Nintendo Switch before it launched in Canada.

Experiential Marketing

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16,500 + unique Nintendo Switch experiences.

The Outcome

A truly immersive Nintendo Switch themed event that achieved over 16,500 unique Nintendo switch game samples for over 17 different software titles.

This showcased the breadth and depth of the new console in advance to launch.


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