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Pursue Your Passion

A  “Generation Z” focused Experiential
tour reaching all corners of Canada.

Inventa engages Gen Z with Experiential Marketing!

The Challenge

In advance of the legislation making recreational cannabis legal, the Government of Canada was looking for a strategic Experiential Marketing solution to assist in engaging youth and young adults in all areas of the country.

How would the Government of Canada engage in meaningful conversations about the health and safety risks of cannabis use? What’s the best way to engage youth through Experiential Marketing and communicate the benefits of choosing positive and healthy lifestyles, including avoiding cannabis and encouraging responsible and lower-risk use?

A physical + digital experience.

The Solution

This  “Generation Z” focused custom created Experiential Marketing tour reaching all corners of Canada provided the opportunity to understand some of the core functions of the brain and:

  • highlight how these can be affected by cannabis use
  • reinforce the value of key brain functions
  • illustrate the benefits of a healthy active lifestyle, and demonstrate how these could be affected by cannabis use.

Furthermore, Inventa developed the youth focused, ‘Pursue Your Passion Brand’ that was brought to life in both physical and digital experiences.

By combining highly desirable activation elements of:

  • virtual reality
  • music production
  • digital art, and
  • focus and concentration tests

Inventa was able to draw in the target demographic, educate them on the effects, and motivate them to find new pursuits in life without relying on cannabis.

Close to 100,000 interactions.

The Outcome

A truly national Experiential Marketing tour reaching all provinces and territories in Canada! The tour encompassed:

  • 21 Festival and Event Activations
  • 76 School and Post Secondary Events
  • A total of 84,319 unique one-on-one interactions

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